MĀRE, the brand new electro pop/rock band, recently debuted their self-titled EP at the Anaheim House of Blues, entering the music scene — as per their lyrics — as the “coolest kids on the West Side.” Twenty-year-old Mary Ives — putting the “Mar” in MĀRE— is the lead vocalist and queen bee of the band, joined by Jakob Thomas on guitar, Zach Esposito on bass, and Keynon McBurney on drums. By melding the ingenuity of modern day pop with the enduring qualities of classic rock, MĀRE has forged a unique persona, with some of their musical and lyrical influences ranging from Jackson Browne to The 1975.
          Having spent most of their formative years together in the Inland Empire, MĀRE can make any room come alive with the unrivaled chemistry the four bandmates possess — on-stage and off-stage. Whatever project MĀRE takes on, the primary focus will remain being a conduit for enjoyment and belonging, relating the listener to the band. A closer look into the lyrical value of MĀRE’s 5-song EP reveals a common theme of brash confidence softened by vulnerable desire. The listener is made privy to an internal narrative that begins with necessary heartbreak in ByeByeSugar, and finishes with the uncertainty and difficulty in maintaining fragile love in Addictive. Now in the early stages of production on their sophomore EP, MĀRE’s ambition is to create a musical experience that both the listener and band can share. Meanwhile, they continue to play shows in the Los Angeles and Orange County regions.